Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Counting Coup--#12 finished

The writer moves to a Crow Indian reservation in Montana to write a book about the boys basketball team but once there changes instead to the girls basketball team.  There is a talented senior player along with other talented players that become the focus of his book.  Interesting how he spent 15 months there working on this book, that once those months were done, he was unable to finish the book for a few years.  He couldn't finish it because he saw little to no hope for the girls on the team, especially the Indian girls.  The book is powerful in showing how tough life is on the rez.  The unbelievable alcoholism and unemployment that fuel the assaults, bankruptcies, drug use and just sight of no future.  Through in racism and sexism along with decades old feuds between clans and it really makes you wonder how anyone functions in this area at all.  At the end of the book, it was finally when a few years later he could see these girls were growing up into women with success that he felt good about finishing the book.  I just wish there was something out there for another update--it is about 20 years since that time and I would just like to know.

I will probably post it on PBS at some point, there is 1 WL for it but I really enjoyed it so might keep it around a while yet.  I was able to add more books onto my PBS WL but still not getting any of my books being posted to me.  Oh well, just the way it is.

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