Monday, February 16, 2015

The Day Trader--#10 finished

An alright kind of quick read.  Started out fast but then just too much going on and really confusing with too many angles and none really making much sense.  It ended with main guy having a new perspective on life and everything will be great which I don't buy.  Just a couple months earlier he wanted to be a big time day trader player but oh well.  Pages kept turning so didn't have to get bogged down in that the story just wasn't believable.  I grabbed it because I needed a book to read on a nice day outside about a week ago and it was close to the top of a pile in my book room.  It met that qualification and was readable but more I think about it less I liked the book.

I have posted it on PBS but with 45 copies ahead of this version & who knows how many copies of other versions, it isn't going anywhere.  I will leave posted for now, sometimes multiple orders will grab an older book or maybe one day I will run a deal on PBS.  I am also thinking about purging some especially if I can find somewhere to donate them off to like a nursing home or prison or something where they might get read & used.

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