Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prime Green--#8 finished

Author Robert Stone looks back at the 1960s.  He was mostly in his 20s then and 30s by late '60s and was kind of right in the middle of it.  After a stint in the Navy in late '50s, moves from New York to a writing program at Stanford, living around San Francisco.  He moves back and forth between New York and San Fran and lives by many characters of the times.  He even gets to Vietnam in the early '70s as a reporter.  His first book is written in the '60s and was made into a movie staring Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward.  Checking out Robert Stone's wikipedia page, I see he just passed away in January, lived 77 years and married 55 years to his wife--wow that is really nice to see.  RIP.  Not really into or have studied the 1960s, this was an interesting read.  He seems to have been attached to some of the beatniks of the '50s and slide into the '60s.  I got the feeling as he got older & kids & family, the whole life of the '60s became more settled down into the '70s & later but he really doesn't get into that.  Good read overall.

I will post on PBS, there is 1 WL so if do soon should move.

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