Saturday, February 21, 2015

Running the Books--#11 finished

Interesting, non-fiction--a Harvard educated, raised orthodox Jew, takes a position as prison librarian at a state prison in Boston.  He is not educated in Library Science but does have a love of books, don't remember if mentioned but I would guess an English or some kind of Writing major in college.  Interesting characters and real struggles both with the inmates & the staff.  It is a tough place to work and tough to follow all of the minute details of rules in a prison.  I enjoyed it and makes you think about  the people locked up and how they got there.  Seems like most he was close with have sad endings.  He also doesn't really let you know what is next is his life, which I am interested in too.  His website & no wikipedia entry don't seem to have much detail either.  Also kind of wonder if the pimp in the book ever got his own memoir published.

I will post it back to PBS at some point but again have too many credits & not enough WL offers coming in so will just stack this away for now.

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