Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Glass Castle--#3 finished

What a crazy life the author lived.  Her parents were the non-traditional type.  Never really settling down & never really with steady jobs or incomes.  The would stay in some small run down place & when bills or life caught up they were sneak out at night & leave to their next destination.  The author was the 2nd oldest child and recounts this life.  Their mom's mom passed away & left them a home in Phoenix that they stayed at for a while but again no jobs and no money eventually fell into disrepair & they up & moved to West Virginia where his mom was at with some extended family.  To a small town coal community.  Lots of poor here but their family sunk to the even lower end.  Dad a drunk & just got worse in WV.  As high school ended for oldest she moved to New York city & then after junior year in high school author & younger brother moved too.  Eventually youngest child moved & went to high school in NY too.  Parents came but kept their nomadic lifestyle, eventually putting them on the street where they wanted to stay.  Kids kept growing up, author went to college & writing at magazines, oldest an artist and brother a police officer.  Parents & youngest still basically checked out on life--youngest real issues & moves completely away from family to CA.  Parents were squatters in abandon building.  Just craziness all through for their parents but still amazing that 3 out of 4 children became normal adults.

Good book, I have posted it on PBS.  I think there are 11 copies ahead of it so probably not moving soon though.

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