Sunday, January 17, 2016

Twelve Days--#4 finished

This is the next in Alex Berenson's John Wells series, good series and good book.  Wells is an ex-CIA operative that still basically operates as a CIA operative.  Ex-CIA longtime leader and a lifer inside CIA continue to use him for investigation & way beyond other stuff when needed.  I forget the name of the book before this but basically the two books ran back to back--same cast of characters & same bad guys, just split into two books.  Super rich guy that is also Jewish & pro-Israel hires a lady to run operations to slow down Iran's nuclear operation.  When realize actions taken haven't really slowed it down, run a false flag(I think that is right) operation where Iran is blamed in trying to get nuclear uranium to the US.  This causes US President to set deadline for Iran to open up their facilities or face war with the US, of course Iran refuses.  Right before deadline, Wells able to uncover plot & get evidence to US President to stop the war.  Fun quick type read.  While all that happens is possible I guess, the luck for it to happen that way in every circumstance is pretty far out there but suspend some reality & hope back story isn't really happening & just kind of enjoy the what if of the book.

There are 47 WL for it so at some point I will put it back out on PBS.  My credits are okay so no big rush to do so now.

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