Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Savage Nation--#6 finished

Wow, I really really disliked this book.  Some of his ideas and thoughts made sense but they were just presented in a terrible way.  I had heard a few of his radio shows in the past so I knew he was basically the conservative radio insult comic type but I didn't think he would write a book in that same manner.  This is an older book, wrote in 2002 or around there, just after 9/11 so kind of fun to see some of the same things still being talked about today.  Again some of the ideas and points make sense but I cannot believe how awful just reading this book makes me feel.  I did get through it just because I hate to quit books and it is short and easy to read.

I will not be posting it on PBS, I will not even donate it to the nursing home that I give books too.  It is just too insulting to give away like that.  I might donate it to the library or I might just give away to the local used bookstore.  It might also just end up in the trash, that is looking like the most likely ending.

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