Sunday, January 17, 2016

This is a Bust--#5 finished

Good story about a Chinese American guy in the '70s that served in Vietnam and is now back in New York working as a police officer there.  He says he is the only Chinese American on the force and of course they put him in Chinatown.  They keep him on the street and make sure his face is in the papers and at banquets as their token officer.  He wants to move up to detective but feels he is pigeonholed where he is at.  Except of course he is a drunk with a temper at times.  Still dealing with the whole back from the war issues too.  Not a great read but good story, makes you kind of step back in time & see how it was from a perspective that I didn't really think much about before.  Liked it a lot for that.  Also by end seems like he has his life going good, can see some personal growth in him and also looks like for his career too.

There are 5 WL for this so like before I will be putting into PBS at some point but don't really need the credits now so no hurry to do so.

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