Friday, January 29, 2016

Uzbekistan--#8 finished

This is a short book but I have been reading it off and on for about 2 months.  It is probably more of a text book than an actual just read & enjoy book.  The rest of the title is: Transition to Authoritarianism on the Silk Road.  While only a 123 pages, it goes into detail of Uzbekistan in several areas.  It is more of a starting point book for someone wanting to learn about the country.  Interesting the book was published in 2000 so before 9/11 happens.  Afghanistan is mentioned as a bordering country in a civil war where the Taliban have taken over most of the country by then and is a cause of unrest in other Central Asian countries because they are all generally Muslim people in these countries.  I will have to do some wikipedia research to see what has become of Uzbekistan since 2000, I kept myself from looking this up on purpose until I had finished just for the excitement of it all.

I will post this book on PBS, it will be the only copy in the system.  I ordered it when it was the only copy too a few years back.  I don't expect much of a rush to order on it but you never know especially as the only copy.

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