Friday, December 17, 2010

Epilogue: A Memoir--#84 finished

A really good book that surprised me, I was not expecting this to be that good. It is about a newly widowed woman and all of the changes that widowhood bring to her life. Not just the expected missing of her husband, waking up and not finding him in bed, the conversations, the comfortableness with each other, etc, but also things like meals or cooking, parties where now she goes alone, eating out or movies by herself as well as how relationships change now that she is single. I am not sure what I was expecting in the book, probably some stuff about missing the husband and then about finding a new soul mate. I really wasn't expecting the depth of feeling expressed in this book, I am really glad that I read it.

Some things did go on in the book that I am not really sure I understood. There was a lawsuit which she said she could not explain at all and didn't. Also there were some relationships with family members that seemed at minimum strained that were not really explained either. She touched on her relationship with her parents, mother died young and father was basically an asshole but not much detail in either one.

Overall a mixed emotion kind of book, I would say sad is probably the main feeling I got from it although there is also an underlying strength in the character that has to fight with her sense of unease. Good book, really makes one think about the future and helps one see what kind of emotions could be ahead.

I will post it on PBS, this version of the book has no WL, it is a larger print version. The regular print paperback & hardback both have WL so I would expect this book to move and probably pretty quickly. Still reading Our Souls to Keep and Into The Great Wide Open and will probably add a 3rd tonight also.

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