Friday, July 22, 2011

1959: The Year Everything Changed--#41 finished

A very good and interesting book about many important things that occurred in 1959. The Beat poets, changes in Jazz and music, art, inventions in electronics, the Pill, race relations, Cold War happenings, Castro & Cuba, space and on and on. Everything was presented in very easy to read and interesting chapters. It truly was an interesting time to live, the US and the world right before the counter-culture of the 1960s and where many of the seeds of the '60s started here in 1959. I also liked that it touched on many topics that I don't have much knowledge in like the Beat generation and Jazz for instance. I will highly recommend this book.

I will probably be posting it on PBS at some point in the near future but might wait until I have a 2nd book to mail. I am at 31 credits with 4 other books out there that I have mailed that would build me up to 35. Again I would like to spend it down some but just keep sending some off. Oh well. I am still working on The Passage and Boy A and just started a much lighter book Double Down a kind of chic lit book I guess. I doubt I will start a fourth book right now but again who knows.

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