Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shade of the Maple--#38 finished

This was more romance type book than I thought so in a way I was kind of disappointed. The main male character was way too sappy and with unrealistic relationship expectations, I really didn't like the book very much. This is not to say it was all bad, because it wasn't. There were some good parts and such but overall not my kind of book.

Oh well, that is just the way it is. It was a short book so I was hoping for a quick read but it wasn't that either. I have really ignored two of the other books I was reading Cut to the Quick and A Boy. For the last week or so I have been busy so finding reading time has been short anyway and what reading I have done was on Shade & still working on Wonderful Tonight. I hope to have Wonderful Tonight done in next couple of days also. With other two still I don't think I will be adding another one, 4 is really too many books for me to be reading all at once. Two or three seems to be the best number.

Well, I have already posted Shade on PBS but there are 12 copies ahead of it so I don't think it will be moving anytime soon.

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