Monday, July 25, 2011

Double Down--#42 finished

A quick read, I had just started it last weekend & finished it up today. A good book, nothing too serious, nothing to really think about, just a nice read with everything laid out for you. Not sure if I would really call it chic lit though but if not it is still not far off. I liked the gambling stuff in the book. The main character Skye, for being a smart lady, really wasn't very smart in many ways but oh well. The book was a quick read so couldn't really stop and clean up all of her parts.

I have already posted it on PBS & there are 9 copies a head of it so it won't be moving anytime soon. I did go ahead and post 1959 and it went out in the mail today. Still reading The Passage and Boy A and will look around for a 3rd book tonight but not sure if I will start one yet.

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