Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wonderful Tonight--#39 finished

This is Pattie Boyd's book about her life and being married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton. I enjoy music to a degree but it is not really that important to me. Growing up in high school it was probably at the high point of my interest, today not so much. I really had no idea who Pattie Boyd was and that she was married to two famous musicians. I also didn't know Wonderful Tonight, a very popular slow song, was written about her by Clapton. Well all that being said she really has lead an interesting life even if the book doesn't really bring that out too much. There is a lot of relationship focus in the book and not so much about why these musicians fell in love with her. I am guessing she just couldn't open up in that way, but that is what I am seeing missing from this work. The main lesson in the book has to be the '60s was great for music but a bad time to be married to a musician if you wanted a stable normal life, they were all sex, drugs and rock & roll literally.

I have posted it on PBS & it is the only hardcopy copy on the system so it should move I would guess soon. I have picked out The Passage as my next book but it is too late to start it tonight.

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