Saturday, July 16, 2011

Running & Disc Golf

Well to type up something besides the books I have read, let's talk about my running first. I am still at it but it is hot and I am not very inspired. I have been getting some runs in though other than the week before and then during vacation. This week I have gotten two 2 mile runs in, I know short. After the first 2 mile run, I had to come home and mow the lawn. Today was the other 2 mile run but first I went to Play It Again Sports and bought some used Discs for Disc Golf. Then I went to the park and had to throw them around for a while before doing the run and since it was getting late I just did 2 miles. It was a good 2 miles with the first mile at 11:56 and 2nd at 12:04. Those were probably the 2 quickest miles I have run in a long time. Since I knew at the start of my run it was only 2 miles that helped because I did want to run them a little faster and it worked.

Now Disc Golf, I have played 3 rounds so far and it is fun. Like the first round where we found a disc that became mine(called person & he no longer wanted disc), in the 2nd round we also found a disc. This disc was basically brand new and only had initials on it, no name or phone number so it is now mine. My nephew who I have been playing with gave me an extra putter so I have had 3 discs so far. Tonight I bought 3 more at the Play It Again Sports store, they were probably the 3 cheapest discs they had. Altogether they cost like $8.50 including tax but since just starting and not sure type I need I thought they were a good buy. One of them is a putter so now my wife can come along & use some of my discs to get started & see if she would even like the sport.

I practiced Friday and then played Friday night and then practiced again tonight. My arm/elbow is a little sore, it is still getting used to the throwing motion. I have really been throwing much better forehand than backhand, which is surprising since I had never thrown forehand until the first round I played. I will be getting some more rounds in and will probably start actually keeping score as well. Without keeping score though, I know that I have gotten at least a couple pars on each round but I am giving too many shots away on putts and also get sloppy late in the round on the tee shots. All part of the learning process.

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