Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bed--#30 finished

I thought I would really like this book and it started off very good.  Two boys growing up with the older one being very different--throwing tantrums, getting undressed in public and generally just not being a social kid.  The book never really dated this but sounded like '70s or '80s before spectrum diagnosis and medicines were used to treat a child like this.  Mal, the older & unusual grows up still a little different but does seem to find a place and has a girlfriend.  The younger brother falls in love with girlfriend and knows a disaster is coming to her because she loves Mal.  At 25 Mal decides to stay in bed for the rest of his life and his mom in a bizarro way starts stuffing him with food.  He is in his bed never leaving well into his forties and rest of the book revolves around this.  The younger brother & the girl do get together & then apart.  The end is all open ended but sounds like they will be together.

I guess all of the characters have flaws and some are really exposed by Mal checking out.  By the end they all seem crazy and with their inability to break free, I was at the point of no longer feeling sorry for them.  An interesting book but really ended up just a little too far for me.  Oh well.

There are like 29 WL for it so at some point I will post it & ship it off but no need to do so right now.

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