Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Postman--#29 finished

I think I was one of the few that sort of liked the movie The Postman with Kevin Costner, it was his 2nd in a row big budget flop after Waterworld.  I liked parts of the movie and I liked the idea of rebuilding after the world goes to hell.  It has been a while since I last saw the movie but I think the basic idea remained but they re-arranged parts and removed other parts altogether.  I actually think what was removed was good, the book had a couple weird things--supercomputer that lights up but doesn't actually work but everyone thinks it does, the smart people around it feed ideas out like it came from the computer.  Then introduced late in the book, augmented people, super strong or super ability people that were originally military that are fighting the good people.  These supers want to become the Kings and lord over everyone else, even though everything there is is basically barely survivable shit.  Other than that and really those didn't take away from the basic story much, I liked the book like I liked the movie.  Maybe I have been missing these types of books with all of the focus on the walking dead, zombies, world ending stuff--a real look at rebuilding & how it could be done is kind of interesting to me.

I will probably post it on PBS, it is an older book and is a little beaten up but is still postable.  I was thinking about keeping it but I just don't see a good reason to do so,  better to pass it along.  I started 2 other books in the last couple of days, Death by Rodrigo and Belinda Carlisle's book Lips Unsealed.  Still reading Bed.  Might find a 4th later today as well.

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