Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lips Unsealed--#33 finished

This is Belinda Carlisle's memoir, Belinda of Go Go's fame.  I remember the Go Go's and I remember her doing some solo stuff in late '80s maybe early '90s but that was about it.  I guess she did more solo stuff than I knew & also the Go Go's did more reunions than I ever heard about.  Most of the book discussed her addiction to drugs, mainly cocaine.  Good to hear she is cleaned up and life seems to be going good for her.  Kind of an interesting read, a little portions of inside the music business once in a while especially with her changing her label often.  Mostly about her life on drugs though.

There are like 12 WL for it so I will post it at some point but since I have enough credits already no need to it or others at this time.

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