Thursday, May 8, 2014

Does Anything Eat Wasps?--#28 finished

This is a book by New Scientist magazine where one part of the magazine was a question and answer part.  This book is from that.  Readers would send in questions and the magazine would publish the questions and then readers, lots of scientists, would answer the questions.  Kind of interesting and also more science than I understand as well.  The idea and some of the questions are really good, but by the end it was mostly tedious.  It was an easy read of 3-5 pages though.

I have already posted it back on PBS, I think it is copy 6.  I think it will be sitting there a while but you never know either.  I am still reading The Postman and Bed.  I need to pick out another book or maybe two tonight or in the next day or so.

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