Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Mysterious Montague--#27 finished

A good read about someone I had never heard of before.  This is about a person that gained some fame in the 1930s as a golfer but not on the tour but instead a club pro type that people he played with built up to be one of the best golfers ever.  The Mysterious being he had committed a crime--armed robbery with others in small town New York and escaped to eventually Hollywood, where his golfing introduced him to many famous Hollywood types.  He avoided photos and publicity as a way to stay away from the law but this too caught up to him and he returned to New York 7 years later for a trail.  While probably guilty, his lawyer, that was famous for getting mob bosses off, was able to create enough doubt that he was acquitted.  The trail & the rumors of his golf and other exploits made this big news of the day and he had his 15 minutes plus of fame.  Out of shape and not playing much golf, he wasn't able to put himself fully into golf and with everyone wanting a big splash, it never happened.  Hollywood was told by the Hays Group, or something like that, a government censor type group, to keep him out of movies.  Today, this type of person would probably make a movie or two before flaming out, a Brian Bosworth career maybe.  Instead Montague just simply got old and seems like never really got past not hitting it big.  He didn't get a job or career, putting on golf exhibitions and marrying well got him through it seems.  Kind of a sad ending but then again overall a kind of sad life altogether.

There were no copies on PBS so now this is the only one.  I would expect it to move at some point.  Still reading Does Anything Eat Wasps and The Postman and just started Bed.  Might look to start another book in the next day or two as well.

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