Sunday, December 9, 2007

Not much

Not much to talk about today. Youngest was running a fever most of today so that kind of screwed up the plans we did have for today. It was Breakfast with Santa after Mass today and then we were supposed to do lunch & birthday party for a niece. I did get to see some of the Rams game today, Berlin looked like a serviceable type QB for the couple of series I saw. The type of player to have as your 3rd QB or 2nd QB at this point in the season. Rams just aren't very good team right now. At least we should get a decent draft pick out of this and 2 if you count the high 2nd round pick.

No running today. Might try to do a few situps & pushups yet before going to sleep. I don't have any kind of crosstraining figured into my training plan, but I want to do a few of these at least once a week. I know I should be doing some lifting, it would help me lose about 10-15 pounds, which would probably make my running a little better as well.

Freezing rain is supposed to be here. I haven't looked out and won't until the morning. I have a short comute to work, only around 5 miles so I shouldn't have any problems really. Of course being an insurance adjuster means that this will be a busy week for me because of this weather.

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