Saturday, December 8, 2007

Vaseline good

Update on running. I got 3 miles in at the Community Center on Thursday after work. It was freezing rain out so I figured running indoors was the safest bet. I had eaten too much that day so those 3 miles was a real struggle. I had hoped to get another short run in on Friday, but my wife was feeling kind of sick and ended up sleeping most of the day, so no run for me.

Today, well Saturday, I got my long run in of 8 miles. It was raining(more than a sprinkle but not a downpour) and in the mid 30's temp wise. At least it wasn't really windy. The run was good, the first 6 miles I kept under 12 min and the last 2 were in the 12:20 range. I think overall I was just under 12 min miles. The only bad thing was I forgot to put vaseline on my nipples and they are very sore and raw. I know better but I guess since I hadn't done a long run in so long I just wasn't thinking. Rest of my body feels good though. So far training is going okay.

I finally finished my book, The Biography of Ancient Israel. Some interesting stuff, but it was more like a textbook overall so to me it was kind of hard to pull out anything really useful. While I have studied and enjoy learning about Israel, this book really referenced The Bible, something I am just not very familar with. I have not read The Bible, something that I should do I know. Finishing this book now I have 14 books read in 2007. Hopefully I can still get one more finished in this under a month left.

I am now reading, How to Talk Back to Your Television Set by Nicholas Johnson and The Looking Glass War by John LeCarre. I also have grabbed and am carrying around Cell by Stephen King--I haven't started it yet but probably will in the next couple of days. I read LeCarre's Bourne book a couple of years ago and liked it, so when I saw this one as one of those 3 for a dollar books, it was pretty easy to buy. I have had a for a couple years now and have finally given it a chance. So far so good. I just looked and it was Ludlum who wrote the Bourne book, oops. Well I am still going ahead with The Looking Glass War even if I don't know/haven't read anything else by this author.

On the Television book, I have remembered seeing this book in used books stores ever since high school--the mid 1980s. I again bought it as a 3 for a dollar book, probably one of those times I found 2 and needed a 3rd for the deal--otherwise they are 50 cents each. It was written in the early 1970s and has a chapter about cable TV which I thought was interesting in that I didn't know it was around back then. Not all that exciting so far, but I didn't really expect it to be. It was kind of seen as my replacement of that Israel book--more textbookish.

Cell by Stephen King, kind of sounds like The Stand. I remember reading The Stand over the summer in high school and really enjoying it. It was at that time I really was into reading King, I read the Talisman, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, short story book Different Seasons and the Shining and probably a couple others I can't remember. I kind of quit reading King though because I thought his stories and characters seemed to similar from story to story. I don't know how I ended up with this copy of Cell, I think my mom may have given it to me but not really sure. I kind of figure it is time to read another King story and see if I can get sucked back in.

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