Monday, December 3, 2007

Reading with a little run stuff

I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry that I did finish one of my books. I finished off Hemingway & Jake. Not a bad read, but not really one I would recommend unless you are really interested in everything on Hemingway. I bought this book at a used book store as one of my 3 for a $1.00 books, so couldn't really go wrong with it. The book didn't have as much about Ernest as I thought it would and instead had more about Leicester(Jack) who Jake spent more time with. Books like this always leave me kind of wondering about how much money the author actually made on this book. I wouldn't think it was a lot especially since there was no other book on the horizon, i doubt a publisher gave the best of terms on this book. However much it was though, it probably didn't lessen the high I would imagine one gets for having a book published. I have to admit getting a book published sometime in the future is one of those goals of mine tucked away in my head. I probably have to give that goal a little credit for also starting this blog. I think I mentioned in one of my first entries the book Adventures in the Mainstream, but Palmer(can't remember first name). It was basically a journal about his son with Down Syndrome graduating from high school and what his life and future would be like outside of the school environment. This book also has to be credit for doing this blog and kind of reminding me about that whole write a book someday thought I get once in a while.

I am still reading The Biography of Ancient Israel, no change in it for me. Not exciting and just kind of pushing my way through at this point. I am not sure yet what my other book will be, I have picked up and read the into to How to Talk Back to Your Television Set by Nicholas Johnson, written in the early '70s. I will probably go a few pages into it and see what I think at that point. There are also a few Michener books I am looking at along with many others among my bookcases. Of course I want to stop in at my local used bookstore and see if anything jumps out at me also.

I did get a short run in tonight, it is PSR night. I forgot a bag I had ready to take along which had my Garmin, stocking cap & gloves and reflector. Without those items, I drove back to my Community Center and used their jogging track to get 2 miles in, I am guessing somewhere around 24 minutes. This is the first week of the 18 week marathon training for the St Louis Marathon, I need to do 2-3-2 and an 8 long run. Because of this I didn't feel too bad about my 2 tonight.

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