Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow & more snow

Before getting into the normal happenings with me, I first want to mention the comment from my last entry. Peter Golenbock, the author, left a short and witty comment. Thank you for the comment. This is one of those things that just amazes me about computers and communication in today's world. Since most of the books I end up reading are used and dated, it is things like this that remind me how connected and in touch with the world we can be.

Snow is the news of the day. It snowed early and again late. Not sure what the final total will be but I would guess 6-8 inches. We were able to get the kids out and play in the snow for an hour or so right before lunch. We goofed off in the backyard--made a snowman, pulled the kids in a sled, hit the swings, snowball fight, etc and then to the frontyard. In our front yard we have a small hill that is good for a little sled ride. Angie didn't really like it, it was her first time trying this. Thomas & Rose loved it. Rose eventually got tired or realized hot chocolate was inside and went in to join Angie & Mom. Thomas kept at it and at it. It was a lot of fun.

By the way, we received a copy of the Down Syndrome Calendar for this from the St Louis Down Syndrome Association and were surprised to see Thomas had a photo in there. We never did get around to submit one so this was really unexpected. I had taken Thomas to the Spring BBQ in May and they had an action photo of him dancing.

Well, my wife just called down the steps to say Thomas is awake, so I will be cutting this short and trying to get him back into bed. Good night.

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