Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TV Stuff

This is kind of a good night for me. Sunday was the final Survivor, at least for a while I hope and tonight was the last Biggest Loser. I am sure new series will be coming on eventually of these, I just hope I get a month or two off. I really hate these shows, but my wife is just addicted to them. This brings us to one of our normal fights--our needing a 2nd TV, along with this goes needed a dual tuner & Tivo. So far my wife doesn't see the need for this, but as I pointed out, she is usually the one that gets to watch her shows and I don't fight it. Of course with a 2nd TV she is worried there will be less family time and less playing with the kids time. That could be, but since these are not issues when her shows are on, I don't see why they should be issues when it comes to my shows. Oh well, I guess I am just going to have to make this happen once we get back from Christmas in NE.

I have been fighting a cold the last couple of days. It seems like it is breaking up some now finally. I didn't run on Monday instead did a little, actually very little, Christmas shopping. I was supposed to also go tonight but that didn't work--too many schedule problems--had to work late & then be home to take Rose to her Cello receital at 6:30. I don't know if I will get a run in this week or not and with being in NE next week for Christmas there might not be a run then either. My marathon training is now looking a little shaky. I need to get something in, I just don't see where yet unless I wake up early to do so & that is a big maybe at this point.

I don't know there are probably other things I should be typing about but just not too inspired to do so now. Just kind of enjoying listening to some Rolling Stones while checking stuff on the internets. I don't know why I haven't listened to more music while on the computer in the past. My son always likes hearing music when he is in the basement playing especially if I am down here--Simon & Garfunkel is usually the first one he asks for, Hey Hey(better known as Mrs. Robinson to everyone else) & Rock are his two favorites. Then America, Today by Neil Diamond usually comes next. I usually make him listen to the most of the CDs as well.

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