Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Week 2 of Training

This is the 2nd week of marathon training--which I still haven't quite talked myself into doing the marathon yet. Monday was raining & cold, so I went to the Community Center and put in 2 miles while the kids were at PSR. My schedule was only calling for 2 miles so no problem, but I would rather run around the neighborhood--saves me about 15-20 minutes in drive time which means another 1.5-2 miles I can get in.

Took Tuesday off and did 3.3 today(Wed) at the high school track. It was cold, but at least no rain. I didn't push it too hard or anything, think my miles averaged around 11:40 or so. I am off Friday so I might look to do my long run that day instead of Saturday. Saturday is supposed to be in low 30s or 20s all day. The long run is supposed to be 9 miles.

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