Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I like watching sports and movies, through in some history channel or discovery channel and that is most of my TV viewing. My wife is a big fan of most of the reality shows on TV. The Biggest Loser, Survivor, Amazing Race, the Apprentice(if it comes back), some of the nanny shows, the teardown & rebuild a house show that I can't remember the name of--you get the picture. There really haven't been many TV shows that we both enjoy lately. Life on NBC is the exception. It is one show that we both want to watch. There were two new episodes this week, and some of the on-going story lines are being filled in while more are being made. A good show that is generally kind of fun to watch.

By the way we are a 1 TV household, although I am fighting the good fight on changing this. We have a satellite dish with no TIVO. Also our 1 TV we have has been slowly getting worse with its colors since this summer. I think I have finally gotten it to the point where we will be getting another TV and upgrade to a 2 receiver set for our dish. Will probably keep our failing TV around for a little while yet as we transition into 2 TVs. With our kids still a little rough on all of our electronics, I am pushing for checking Craigslist for a used TV as our fill in soon. Of course I should probably be checking Craigslist instead of making these posts also, but that isn't the way I work most times either.

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