Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend stuff

Let me just run through the weekend.

Friday night was the get together with some old fraternity friends at J&A's bar in the Central West End. It was good to see everyone, probably 25 or so people were there & probably half a dozen from out of town that came in. I wasn't able to do any of the other things they were doing this weekend though.

Saturday was a work day the our church. The Holy Name group I am part of is getting lighting put on our outside monument as well as having electricity there for BBQs in the future. We had to dig a ditch for the electrician to run the wires & pipe. Even with a ditch witch, a much tougher project than we imagined. There was a lot of rocks that made the digging very hard, also had to knock through asphalt & concrete in one spot--I had to leave after taking more than a few hits so I am not sure how they finished it up, but I was told the ditch was done. Not sure if the electrician did his part yet, but I think it has to be done Monday.

Saturday night we had a babysitter & went out to eat & do a little shopping. Mizz lost to Oklahoma, missing out on their chance for playing for the National Championship. I know NE has lost many times to OK over the years in similar circumstances, so I kind of know how they feel.

Sunday the St Louis Down Syndrome Association had its Christmas Party at Tropicana Bowling lanes. It was a lot of fun and a packed house. Lots of cute kids running around and dropping/throwing/bowling. Thomas got one game in with our group and just wore me out. He just don't like waiting his turn so it was a fight to hold him and make him wait. Then the family next to us was smart enough to have juice boxes, and he went crazy wanting them. The line for drinks was too long and once our first game was done it was enough. I took Thomas walking around and found a vending machine and bought a lemonade, much better. Then after a couple of cookies, I found a open lane. Thomas bowled 2 games all at once, but I don't think he even knew score was being kept, he just likes to bowl and then bowl and bowl some more. He was pretty tired though at the end of that and he and his little sister feel asleep on the way home and continued their naps at home. I don't expect either of them to go the sleep on time tonight.

Finally, after we got home I went for my run. I was a slacker and didn't run on Saturday, of course my work at church went longer than expected and kind of ruined that. If I was thinking I should have run Sunday morning, it was beautiful, probably in or close to 50s. Instead at 5pm it was probably 30s with a stiff wind from the West. I did 6 miles on the streets by our house, 3 miles out and back. The first 3 miles was against the wind and throw in a few hills, well it was slow. The miles coming back in were just a little faster--tired and cold are the reasons I am giving. I am just glad I got the miles in even if they were slow & still needed to get them in.

Well, Debbie & Rose are out shopping & I am taping Amazing Race for her. Since we only have 1 TV and have Dish, I am stuck watching what is being taped--we don't have DVR or TIVO or anything like that. Of course, that is what I want & hopefully will get in the next few months. Thomas & Angie are playing nicely in the basement allowing me a little computer time. Well that should do it for now.

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