Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Speed work

I did my 2nd speed work run tonight. It wasn't too bad. I did 8 220's at a pace below 9:00 minute miles. The start of the 220 was around 9 and then went lower to under 8, around 7:45. The last couple I got it down to 6:20 range. I again surprised myself that I was able to get to and maintain that pace. Before doing the speedwork, I struggled through one mile. I don't know why it was a struggle, but luckily it didn't carry over to the speed work part. In total I got 3 miles in. Not sure when the next run will be, maybe Friday morning or might just do my long run on Saturday.

We did finally get Thomas' results from his sleep study and everything is good. He has no sleep issues or sleep apnea. He is still waking up between 3-5 and coming down stairs and getting in bed with us. I am thinking it could be potty issues going on here.

We also had our meeting with Thomas' team at school. It was a very good meeting. A lot of good things were discussed and kicked around. There will be some follow up and a few things will be changing somewhat. I am so glad that we have not had any real conflicts in Thomas' education so far.

Well, I am feeling kind of tired so will probably be turning in. I missed the Rep Pres debate tonight so I might try to catch a couple minutes of the re-run before calling it a night.

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