Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stuff update

Not much time and since I have been slacking on this blog, I am just going to throw a little out there tonight.

--I finished The Bronx Zoo. It was not even as close to as much fun as it was back in jr high/high school. I think Lyle pretty much comes off as a whiny player. I agree it probably wasn't fun after coming off his best season and earning a Cy Young Award, the Yankees bring in another closer so Lyle has to split time and also paying an injured starter about 100k more. I had to keep reminding myself that free agency in baseball was still very new and some contracts and pay scales just hadn't hit their level yet. I also thought it was interesting reading about George Steinbrinner early on as the Yankee owner, while in real life he was stepping away from it & handing it over to his 2 sons. I did enjoy going to Baseball-Reference and looking up the stats on the players mentioned in the book, I just love that website.

--Now reading 3 books. The Red Pony by John Steinbeck, Hemingway and Jake by Vernon(Jake) Klimo and The Biography of Ancient Israel. The Ancient Israel book is definately last in order of excitment as well. It is not very long and I am still trying to tell myself to stick with it and just get through, so far I just don't enjoy reading it very much. I also don't really buy into the whole concept of a birth of a nation. I enjoy reading and learning about the history, geography and life of Israel so I was looking forward to this book, but so far it is just not there for me.

--I am kicking around the idea of a marathon this Spring again. I am not sure yet if it will be the St Louis marathon or maybe one that would be driving distance away. I am trying to ramp up my miles and running overall right now. I have about a week or so before the training plans will be starting. I ran 3 miles tonight on the track--it was cold and kind of boring, but at least there was some light there. With 3 & 1/2 from Monday, I now need to get in somewhere around 5-6 mile run this weekend. I am off work tomorrow so I might try to do a short 2-3 mile run then also.

--I have started watching The Office & it is funny and I like the characters. I have seen about 5 or 6 old episodes on TBS in the last couple of weeks and just sat through a new episode tonight. There are a lot of things I am missing as far as storylines but a good show. I will try to keep catching shows of this. The other repeats I have been trying to catch are Two & a Half Men and According to Jim--I like the kind of mindless comedies. My wife is definately a reality TV show person though. We really need a new/new to us TV, the color is going out and the picture quality is just not good. We have an 11 yr old Zenith 27". We might be getting a 26" flat screen from a friend of a friend who will be upgrading in the next month or so. I don't know if I can wait a month or so though. I should probably be checking Craigslist now instead of typing this. I really don't want to purchase anything new or expensive given our kids still fingerprint the TV up and also mess with putting movies/DVDs in. Our electronics have really taken a beating the last few years and I think we probably still have a couple more years to go before we can get nicer stuff.


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