Friday, November 23, 2007

Hope anyone who stumbles across this had a good Thanksgiving. It was all good here in St Louis.

Growing up in NE, you had to follow/cheer for NE football. Well today was a tough day for UNL fans. The first half against Colorado at CU was alright, not spectacular but the offense looked good and we had the lead. I was the beginning of the 3rd qtr, and it just kind of made you sick. Giving up the 10 pt lead and some. I stopped watching in that 3rd qtr and only saw the end score, 60 something to 50 something--that is just not UNL football. I have not been a Callahan fan for a couple of years now and haven't been a fan of the offense they have been running since Callahan was hired. I don't know if it is even possible to return to a run first type offense in the college game anymore, I know if can't be done in the NFL. I expect Callahan to be fired tomorrow or early next week. It is not an easy decision either way and I hope/trust Dr. Tom to make the decision for what would be best for the program.

Tomorrow is the UNL vs Creighton basketball game at the Quest Center in Omaha. I am a Creighton fan, but I also like to see UNL do well in all games but this one. I haven't gotten to see any of Creighton's games yet and won't get to see this one either. I mostly just read the writeups and check the message boards for my info. Creighton has a lot of new players, but it sounds like there is a lot of talent among them. I know Maric will be a tough matchup for Creighton, but I would expect Dana Altman has this gameplanned.

I am supposed to be going over to my brother-in-laws to watch the Mizz vs Kansas football game. No real thoughts on this, other than I will be cheering for Mizz to win. Since being in St Louis you kind of have to follow Mizz football somewhat and after their struggles for so many years it would be nice to see them win the North Championship.

I did get a run in this afternoon at Creve Coeur Park. I did a shorter route than normal and only put in 4 miles. I was happy with my pace with all 4 miles being under 12 minutes(something like 10:50, 11:05, 11:24 & 11:50). It was cold and flat, so I kind of credit that with my decent for me times--I just wanted to get it done. My plan is to get 6 or so miles in tomorrow also so I didn't want to push the mileage too much today. I also did a few pushups & situps today, something that I want to start doing at least a couple of times a week--kind of my crosstraining things. I also need to rake some leaves, another thing that is decent crosstraining, at least in my mind.

Well it is time for me to get a few pages read. Still just the 2 books. Good news on my book front though. My used book store just reopened within the last month of Page Ave in Overland. It had been closed for 6 months or so. While I don't purchase lots of books from the store, it is a nice outlet to check on some older & cheap books. Actually come to think of it, I have gotten quite a few books from that store over the years, so it is a very good thing that it has reopened.

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