Sunday, November 4, 2007

Running and stuff

I didn't run Friday or Saturday. Finally got a run in late Sunday afternoon. It was 4 miles at around 11:20 average. This was probably my best run that I had in over a month. I hope to get another run in somewhere these next couple of days.

I am also still kind of shocked and very saddened by the news of Ryan Shay's death while running the Olympic Marathon Qualifier race on Saturday. I am interested to know the cause of death, it sounds like it could be heart related. I have a heart murmur, a VSD, and after hearing about Shay's death, I will probably follow up and have it checked out again by my regular doctor and specialist--if insurance will let me.

Rose's VB team won their game today, actually all 3 sets. Rose did pretty good in getting a couple of serves over and a return also. She needs to practice more, there is a lot of room for development for her, but best of all she really seems to like the sport.

Thomas was playing in the front yard of Debbie's brother's house with me and some others. He had been playing for around 10 minutes or so with me basically shadowing and playing along a kind of football game/play. Well one of the other kids found a really old wiffle ball and threw it on the field, a piece cracked off and Thomas picked it up and handed it to me. I then went to pickup the rest of the ball, about 10 feet away. In the 30 seconds or so I was doing this, Thomas sprinted into the street and stopped right in front of a motorcyle. I am not sure if Thomas stopped first or the rider, but either way much too close for comfort. He got the stern talking to and had to sit out for a while, but I am still not sure he realizes what really happened.

Angie is sick tonight, no temperature just spitting/throwing up. I am guessing she ate something that didn't agree with her, but it could also be a stomach virus I guess too. We will keep her in bed with us tonight to make sure we are there if the throws up some more.

Rose is in a talent show tomorrow night. We didn't know it was on a Monday when we first let her sign up for it so she will be missing PSR. We will also be taking Thomas to watch so he will miss also. With Angie being sick not sure if we are getting a babysitter for her or not yet.

Also coming up this week, we are having a sleep study done with Thomas at Children's Hospital. The Down Syndrome Conference in April, one of the speakers mentioned this, that their suggestion was every child with DS should have a sleep study done. Sleep apnea is very common because of their generally smaller mouth. Thomas has sinus issues in that he is kind of like me and always kind of stuffed up or just junk in the nose. Not sure about sleep apnea because he doesn't really snore too much unless his sinus issues are really acting up. I am interested to know the results though. Tests are sometimes nice because Thomas can't really tell us what is going on with him, hopefully the test will be conclusive one way or the other and give us some piece of mind on the sleep apnea thing at least. The study is Wed night and I went ahead and took off work for both Thursday and Friday. I am figuring I will probably be awake most of the night Wednesday and will need a recovery day and with that no real reason to hurry back to work so I just took Friday off as well.

I am leading my matchup in Fantasy Football this weekend, I think by 14 points. The other team still has one WR to play yet. In our league for him to get past me he will really need 2 TDs. While this doesn't really seem likely, I know I have lost weeks in the past from unlikely occurances on Monday night games. Before this weekend I was just out of the playoffs, not sure if I win where it puts me yet, but maybe a step closer, at least can't hurt.

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