Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quick Post

Mizz really had a good game and held on to win against Kansas tonight. Mizz I don't think had a turnover, only real negative was a very large number of penalites. Mizz is setup with a revenge game against Oklahoma, they shouldn't be looking past a team that has beaten them once already.

I was able to get 6.2 miles in today also. Pretty happy with my pace, something like 11:20, 11:20, 10:57, 11:42, 11:49 and 12:05--dk pace on last .2. Did my normal 5 mile route and added another mile in a park. It was getting cold out, had 2 shirts(1 short sleeved & 1 long sleeved), which was fine for the start of the run and through most of it. The last couple of miles though noticed the cold, a 3rd shirt would probably have been needed/helped if I was going for longer mileage.

Also, as I kind of figured Callahan was fired at UNL. I haven't had a chance yet to read up about possible replacements or direction program is even looking yet. This will be a real important hire for the future of the program. I really have no names in mind about who it should be either. The next few weeks should be very interesting.

Creighton beat UNL basketball tonight also. Wasn't on TV around here, but I did read a couple of writeups on it. Sounds like CU took it to them early and kept them back in the 2nd half, even though CU didn't play well in the 2nd half. Good win for CU & the MVC.

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