Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A trip to the dentist

I am behind on getting my checkups done with my dentist, but today it wasn't for me, it was for my son Thomas. Thomas had a small cavity that needed filling. Thomas is 6 and has Down Syndrome, so a trip to the dentist is usually not very much fun. He does not like anyone messing with his teeth. Brushing his teeth can usually be done with some fuss, but flossing is almost aways a wrestling match. Checkups with the dentist is also usually a wrestling match. I was a little worried how today would go with getting his cavity taken care of.

They had this neat device, it was a back board with large velcro strapes where they could strap in his whole body from neck down. While Thomas struggled with this and certainly didn't like it, I thought it was great especially since the alternative was probably me holding/wrestling him. They administered the gas on him and that did calm him down somewhat. Since it was a small cavity they did not use novacaine. This was another thing I was kind of worried about, I didn't want Thomas biting his tougue and maybe really hurting it while he couldn't feel what he was doing. Once it was over Thomas was very happy and told the dentist and the nurses & assistants thank you. They scheduled this at a time when Thomas would be the only patient in the office, I don't think they wanted his screaming scareing off any kids.

His recovery was great, almost instant once he was out off the strapping device. He got to pick out a toy from a special box of toys, he got the colorful spider type thing that sticks to walls and the middle lights up. He when right back to school afterward and had a good day even.

Tomorrow we are meeting with Thomas' teachers and therapists to find out in a little more detail exactly how Thomas is doing in school. We know that he is having more discipline/listening problems than last year. We also seem to be a little more out of the loop as far as some of the progress he is making. We had parent teacher night about a month ago and got some info but after talking to another parent who child is close to the same age as Thomas, we realized we probably needed more information. I don't know how this meeting will go and what exactly will be accomplished or should be accomplished even. I just hope that we will be more reassured about how he is doing and that real progess is being achieved.

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