Friday, January 23, 2009

Moon Over Tokyo -- #5 finished

I have already finished my 5th book of 2009 and it is only Jan 23rd--that is certainly a record for me.  Moon Over Tokyo is a good read.  A kind of fun romantic figuring oneself out kind of book.  There was really no mystery in the book, you know pretty much right off it will be a happy ending kind of book.  

Allie and Eric went to the same high school and were on opposite ends politically.  They never really talked but Allie at least had formed some hard opinions of Eric back then.  Those hard opinions made it difficult for her to get close to Eric when they meet again in Tokyo.  One sort of problem I have with the Allie character is that I found parts to be a little unbelievable.  She is the Democrat, liberal of the two, but being in Japan has kind of forced her into a shell--this I had a hard time buying or understanding why I should be buying it.  Eric seemed too much like Mr. Perfect, any short comings were kind of left off.  I guess calling him a conservative Republican was supposed to be enough of a shortcoming.  

Siri Mitchell didn't take any big chances either between the two characters--no big arguments on political or social issues like abortion or gay marriage or death penalty.  She seemed to shy away from these, which is fine, but why the book is more of just a nice romance.  Don't get me wrong though, I did enjoy the book and it was a quick read.  I also will be posting it on paperbackswap--not really a book I need to keep around long either.  It does have 20 some people on the Wish List waiting for it so it should move quick too.

I have a couple ideas of my next book or books, but will probably just preview tonight and read War & Peace.

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