Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Testament -- finished #2

Well, book #2 is well in the books now.  The Testament by John Grisham is a fun read like most of Grisham's books I have read.  It is a kind of soft reading page turner.  You get to know enough about the main characters so it is easy to like or dislike them in general without having to put much deep thought into it.

It is what it is, not great literature or anything but just a solid fun read.  Throw in plenty of lawyer work and a trip to Brazil and it was all good.  In this one everyone seems to win in the end, even Rachel by dying.  She was so committed to her faith that she stated earlier in the book she was not afraid to die, so of course it happened at the end.  Nate the washed up lawyer gets a cushy appointment to be executor of her now enormous estate.  The other brothers & sisters get a chunk of money to straighten out their screwed up lives and their lawyers the same.

Not sure if a 3rd book will be picked up right away or not yet.  I started reading The Yellow Sailor, don't have it in front of me so not sure of the author's name.  Still working on War & Peace also.

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