Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 is here.  2008 really had some rough moments didn't it with the high gas prices, mortage crisis followed by the stock market crash or whatever it is being called.  The whole election season wasn't much fun, especially if generally vote Republican like myself.  Even Dems though had their issues with primary problems in Florida & Michigan and the party divided during the primary.  Then after Obama's win, Blogovich...problems in IL and replacing Obama in the Senate.

All of this leads to what should be an interesting first year for Obama as well as for everyone else.  The nation and/or media have been feeding the hype of having Bush out and Obama coming in to make the "changes" that everyone has been wanting.  I am not sure if I want those changes and I certainly don't think anyone really has a true idea of what changes these will actually be.  

I can't remember that quote, that was something like, may you live in interesting times, I think 2009 should qualify for that.

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