Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am up and running on  It is a used book exchange basically.  Check it out, I am excited about moving some of my books as well as finding some new ones.  I also want to thank for introducing the site to me back in August.  Took till now to find 10+ books that I was ready to part with.

From the first 10 I listed, one has already been requested.  I am guessing it was sitting on a wish list and popped up as soon as I entered it.  I have also put a request in for my first book.  I won't go into more details until I see how it all comes out--why jinx it.  I have since added a few more books to my list.  I would like to think a few, 3-4, might get requests, but will have to wait & see.  My wife was checking it out to see if our oldest has some books to list--looks like there are people out there wanting some of hers.  

I am looking into starting a 3rd book, maybe The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth, but have a couple others considering as well.  I am hoping to finish off The Yellow Sailor this weekend & then it is going on my PaperBackSwap list.  I have not liked the book at all and am now within 50 pages of finishing.  I just hope someone requests it and gets it off my bookshelf.

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