Monday, January 5, 2009

More Books

On Saturday, my wife & I went out and like many of our dates, we finished up at a bookstore--this time Borders.  Debbie picked up a box of yoga cards that she wants to have the kids try.  I found 3 books, The Song of the Lark--Cather, October Men--Kahn and Miracle at Philadelphia--Drinker Bowen.

Song of the Lark is another Willa Cather book that I have not read yet.  It is one of the Dover Thrift Editions so the cost was only $3.50.  I am kind of excited about it.  I am hoping to read it at some point this year.  I am also wanting to do a re-read of Death Comes to the Archbishop so Lark might get pushed back some if that happens.

October Men by Roger Kahn is about the 1978 Yankees and their big comeback that season against the Red Sox.  On sale for $3.99 so good price and I like Kahn so I expect it to be a good read.

Debbie found Miracle at Philadelphia by Catherine Drinker Bowen for me.  It is a book about the Constitutional Convention in 1787.  This is something that I realize I should really know more about so figured I should get it.  It was also $3.99 so again good price.

Well, tonight was PSR night.  It was cold and I wasn't feeling inspired to workout/run so I took my Grisham book along to hit the library with it.  Once there I had to check the "For Sale" table and of course I found some books.

First one I found was Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King.  It is a book of short stories by him from 1993.  23 stories and over 800 pages in total, it is quite a book.  No idea when I will get getting to this one.

Next, I found The Castle in the Forest by Norman Mailer.  I have not read anything by Mailer and had no idea what the book was about but I figured I should have a Mailer book in the house & hopefully get to reading it as well.  I just looked it up and it is about Hitler's life growing up.  Not a factual account but an account that Mailer has come up with himself & sounds very interesting.  

I then found The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth.  Back in high school I read Day of the Jackal and The Dogs of War and thought they were about the best books ever.  I think a few years later I read the Odessa File and liked it too.  Not to sure why I never read anything else by Forsyth.  I know I was also reading Irving Wallace and Ken Follett around then, I guess they had more books out and was easier to find them in my used bookstores.

Next was Into the Great Wide Open by Kevin Canty.  I had no idea what this book was about but the jacket on it mentioned it was his first novel.  Last year I picked up a couple first novels from the library as well and enjoyed them--God Clobbers Us All is the one that sticks in mind.  So I figured I would give it a chance.  From the Amazon book reviews sounds like a good book.  Who knows when I will get to it though.

I then found the next two books right next to each other, Atonement was the first by Ian McEwan.  Again no idea what it is about but the back cover certainly sounds like it is a winner.  Didn't want to read all of the wikipedia stuff on it, but should be a good book.  

Finally, the last book found was Unless by Carol Shields.  Not really sure what to make of it yet.  Sounds like a daughter kind of going off the deep end and how the parents react to this.  It is good to find and read different types of books and it sounds like this one qualifies.

I also found a Baby Einstein VHS movie for Thomas.  All of these library books and the movie for a total of $3.00.  What a bargain, it is almost too bad though, because I rarely go to my used bookstore anymore though because I have these stacks of books that I still have to make time for to read.

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