Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Yellow Sailor -- #3 finished

It was basically a painful struggle to finish this book.  Almost from page 1, it just wasn't very good.  The writing is in short choppy sentences with very little description of what is going on.  The reader is left to fill in huge gaps, if you even care too.  It was about a group of men who were on a boat called The Yellow Sailor in the North Sea--I think--just north of Hamburg during WWI.  The boat was sank & the book is then about what the sailors did.  

Because it was written in short choppy sentences and short choppy dialogue, it is a quick read.  The hard part was talking myself into continuing with the effort.  It has been a long time since I was this disappointed in a book, probably since the North Dallas After 40.  At least though the North Dallas After 40 was burdened with the expectations of following North Dallas 40, there were really no expectations going into The Yellow Sailor.  

The positive I got from this book is that if this can get published, well maybe there is hope that I have a book inside me that some publisher will take.  Of course other than this simple blog, I haven't done any writing--and this barely qualifies--so my odds are probably still around 1%.  Oh well, I have read it and it is over.  At least now that I am on PaperBackSwap maybe I can flip it somewhere else.  It is getting posted now.

I have a couple books I am looking at for my next book.  More on this probably on next posting if anyone is keeping score out there. 

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