Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boot Tracks--#56 finished

What I thought would be a quick read of a 206 page book wasn't that. What the cover said was a "white knuckle suspense", I did not find that either. It was kind of a psychological thriller type book with little thriller and mostly confusing thoughts. I really didn't like the book, not much here for enjoyment and nothing really new either. I am glad it was only 206 pages because I really wanted to quit reading several times throughout, finally when I got to around 150 pages I figured it was getting no better but I could just tough it out. Oh well, as I have said in the past not every book I read is going to be good and this is one that certainly isn't good.

There is one WL for it & I have already posted it. I will have to see if it gets accepted and if it has any requestor conditions. The member had a note about their bookshelf having no ex-library books and with this being an ex-library book, I am guessing it will not be acceptable. Will just have to see. There are obviously no other copies out there so I would expect as some point it will get requested if it doesn't go now.

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