Saturday, September 4, 2010

6 miles

I has been a while since I ran 6 miles at one time. Last week I ran 5 miles twice and earlier this week I did 5 miles but for 6 it had to have been a couple months. I didn't really want to run either, it was a busy day and finally around 6pm I talked myself into getting out there.

I ran the first mile slow 13:05, then a 12:50, then 12:15, missed the 4th mile split. 5th mile was just under 12 minutes and 6th was 12 something maybe 30 or 4o. Nothing great but I will take it. I am still a little sore but will manage. I hope to get runs in both Sunday and Monday but might end up being only one of the days, will just have to see.

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