Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still Running

Yesterday, Monday, was PSR night, the first class of the year. A couple of weeks ago it was checkin & meet your teacher night. This also means get a run in night & I did. I went to McDonnell Park which is nearby and got 3 miles in. It is a hilly course at least for me and it was tough--all 3 miles were 13 minutes plus. I need to remember to do this, get some hill runs in every once in a while.

Tonight was volleyball practice night so I got my 5 mile run in. It was better averaging around 12:40 a mile with all the miles under 13. I am happy with these runs. Now I just need to drop some of my extra pounds and I would probably pick up a little speed also.

Busy week and weekend ahead so don't know when that next run will be but need to get a couple miles in to keep my weekly total at 10 or more miles.

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