Saturday, January 19, 2008


No weekend run for me, unless something falls funny on Sunday. I was even off Friday but no running. At this point I am kind of questioning if I really want to put the work & effort into running a 3rd marathon. My training was going okay, but I don't think at this point I could say my time would improve on the 5:06 I ran last year. Not that time is all I am worried about, but I guess I am kind of in a lull right now about running a marathon, at least the St Louis Marathon for a 3rd time. I am kind of worried though if I push it back to a later marathon, I will probably not do it either since that would require traveling and a hotel night, etc.

Of course if it wasn't in the teens today as a high, I probably would have gotten out at one point this afternoon and gotten my long run in. I could have also gotten to the Community Center and gotten some kind of run in(probably around 5 miles) also. I guess it is probably time for me to check out for what else is out there and see.

Well, our bedroom is painted and the carpet, pad and tack stripes are pulled up and removed. The hardwood floors look good, which is really kind of surprising--only 2 spots right at the closet doors and one other spot in a corner have been patched with regular wood. We will see about throw carpets for these. My father-in-law mentioned he might have some extra wood from when their floors were installed also. Also he found the problem with 2 of our outlets in the bedroom, the copper wire broke from the screw in the electrical box--don't know why but all should be good now. This is important because one of these outlets will probably be used for our 2nd TV once it is hooked up in the bedroom. By the way this painting and stuff is a big reason why the running wasn't done this weekend also.

Romney won the Nevada caucus and McCain won in S Carolina today. I haven't watched any of the TV analysis of this yet but guessing Thompson won't be long for the race now. Not sure where this puts Huckabee, my guess is looking for an invite to be VP--which I don't see likely unless maybe from Rudy. Of course I haven't even seen the results in SC yet so maybe it is close enough for him to claim some kind of win. I really think it is now down to Romney, McCain and Rudy(if people remember he is running). I still like Romney and really don't like Rudy and could probably live with McCain--at least that is how I feel at this point. My feeling is McCain is getting a lot of support from Independents and Democrats switching over in the primaries so far. While these are certainly good things for a general election, I don't think he can sustain this and win the nomination. It is going to be interesting to see what kind of push Rudy puts in these next couple of weeks since he has been targeting the 2/5 primaries and basically ignoring the earlier stuff. I still feel that conservative's best candidate is Romney and I hope that is how it plays out. My one brother tried to convince me over Christmas that Thompson was the conservative's best candidate. My argument at the time was Thompson didn't really look interested in campaigning and I think I have been proven to be correct.

Sorry I have no real thoughts on the Democrats other than I still think Richardson should have been a lot more attractive to Democrats. I think by the end of the primary season, even the Dems are going to be tired of hearing about Hillary and Obama. I also think Obama hasn't been hit hard yet and I think Hillary and her team is trying to decide if they can win without doing so. Unfortunately for them, waiting till after 2/5 might be too late also. Again should be interesting to see if anything negative comes out against Obama in the next couple of weeks--I kind of am expecting it. Without seeing any results or hearing analysis, not sure where Edwards is in all of this either. I think Edwards just kind of fades away since I haven't really seen him as a factor anyway--again surprised Richardson have more traction.

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