Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stuff Update

I actually didn't take Sunday off, instead of running though, I went to the Community Center & lifted. I probably did more than I should have on my 2nd lifting day. I was tired and a little sore when I got finished. Yesterday & today though have been good, so I probably won't back off much the next time.

I did get a run in yesterday while the kids were in PSR. It was a slow 4.0 miles. I am chalking it up to the hills of the route, lifting Sunday and anything else I can think of. Actually, with Saturday being a tough run, I shouldn't be too surprised that I just didn't bounce back that quick 2 days later. I am taking Tuesday off--no lifting or running and will do one or both on Wed & see how I respond.

We are working on Thomas' potty training again. I sat in the bathroom last night for 30-40 minutes, some gas but no #2. Again this morning for about 15 minutes, still nothing. I don't think he had gone on Sunday so he should be ready to explode. I hope Debbie gets him when he got home from school, but I doubt it. Of course, he may have exploded at school also. Well it is time for me to leave work & get home. I think this is skate night for Rose so I will probably be taking her. It is New Hampshire primary day, so I will be doing a little watching TV about this after the kids get in bed.

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