Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stuff Update II

It is late but I want to get something down in the blog. Yesterday--Wed, I had planned to run 4 miles and then do a little lifting. Well I go to the Community Center and start on my run, I was doing it outside on the streets. The run went terrible, the first mile was 13 minute something and the 2nd was over 12:30. Before I finished the first mile I knew 4 wasn't happening. Turned around after 1 and did the mile back for 2. I then went in to do a little lifting. That went good, arms were feeling tired at end but overall I felt good. I then did 2 miles on the TM, 1st at 11:50 and 2nd at 12:10, pretty much right at 24 minutes. Glad I got those 2 miles in at the end.

No luck yet with the potty training. Today, Thursday, he finally had his accidents, 2 at school and then 1 at home in a pull-up. I think he was purposly holding it in, I just don't know how to get him to release on the potty. We'll just have to keep at it and see what happens.

Slowly reading Wuthering Heights. I kind of broke through the beginning part and now seems a little more interesting, but just haven't put any time into it the last couple of days. Haven't gotten past the prologue on Childhood's End yet. I do want to read it but it might get put back into my stacks and replaced with something else.

Also note that I am an alum of Saint Louis University, the school that only scored 20 points in a game tonight. I am glad that I had other things going on and missed this game--it just sounds ugly and probably boring. So far this team hasn't seen or absorbed much of the Majerus genius. I do wish that the old coach Soderberg was around this year to see what he would have accomplished with this team, since these are all players he brought in. Of course next years recruiting class has depth and size that Soderberg could never have dreamed of either, that is why he is not around right now.

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