Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Weekend

Not really an exciting weekend but enough to give me something to type away at.

First, Saturday morning was the first day of Girl Scout cookie sales. I took Rose around the neighborhood for a couple of hours and did pretty well. I would have liked to get a few more houses in but she was done. Her legs were hurting her she was saying.

Right after finishing up the cookie stuff, I went for my long run. I did 12 miles. I did my normal 8 mile route and extended it in a couple of areas. This is kind of my normal way of doing it the last couple of years--my 8 mile route also goes up to 20 miles when I need for my long runs in marathon training. The first 7 miles were all good, although my legs felt a little tired, I just chalked it up to walking around doing cookie sales right before the run. I was running low on water so I stopped to get a Gatorade at a gas station right after I finished my 7th mile--with that stop that mile came in just under 14 minutes--oh well. The next gas station was 2 to 2 1/2 miles away on the route so it was a good thing I stopped then. Also since I haven't bought any gue yet, I think the Gatorade gave me a little extra that I wasn't getting from the water. Well the 9th mile is a long gradual uphill that always give me trouble, the good thing about it is this stretch of road I really credit for getting me ready for the marathon. Well I really pushed myself up this hill and could really feel my legs just burning from the workout--good stuff although I am still feeling it today(Sunday). Well the last 3 miles then went pretty slow, the 10th mile is another long incline and even the 11th as well but much less noticeable.

Saturday night was my work Holiday Party. A couple of years ago, they switched it to January from December and dropped Christmas for Holiday. No big deal on the name change for me and I actually like it better in January--December is already busy enough. It was nice, talked to a few people and the food was good. Stuck around for few songs and then called it a night.

Today I just spent most of it around the house. Debbie & Rose went to Mass in the morning(I went at 5 last night). I threw together a leftover stew--had some pork cutlets, green onions, green peppers, part of tomato, leftover rice and added a can of cooked chicken, diced tomatos and broth with some seasoning salt--not too bad. Debbie liked it, but she also said she was starving so her judgement may have been clouded. Anyway Debbie took the kids along with her mom and met others at the Bee Movie. I was able to stay home and watch some football. I also did some laundry to make it look like I got something accomplished while they were gone.

Once they got home I was going grocery shopping and thought Thomas would come along, but he was adament on No. Debbie wasn't too happy about this but it is kind of nice to get the shopping done in some peace. Not much else to note went on, just a normal kind of night.

I think I have given up on Childhood's End--I never even got started on it. Just kind of looking for something else right now. I have pulled One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, I didn't realize it hadn't made my list of Books Read. I know I read it in college and I thought I had read it afterward as well, guess it could have been before I started my lists. Still reading Wuthering Heights, not making any big progress but kind of interesting what I have read. I thought I had started it once before and had gotten bored of it, but that isn't the case now and in fact after getting through the first 20 pages or so I can't imagine giving up on it. Now I still have a very long ways to go, I am around page 50 & my copy runs just over 400 pages. I have a feeling I will be at this book for quite a while still.

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