Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It didn't seem like much went on today other than normal work stuff while at work. There was a blood drive at work so at least I milked an hour away from my desk that way. Along with nice feeling that I was doing something good. Since I have gone on a running hiatus and not doing the marathon, there were no training runs being affected by my donating blood.

The other semi-interesting thing was that I stopped at the used bookstore on the way home after work. I actually bought 6 books for $10 and change. I bought Moll Flanders, The Phantom of the Opera, Anne of Green Gables, The Grapes of Wrath, The Rule of Four and The Partner. The last two I was looking for something a little newer and more of a light read, since they each only cost a buck I figured I would take that chance. I just checked and oops I already have a copy of The Grapes of Wrath, oh well the one from today has a little larger font so still good. I might wait a couple weeks and take the other copy to the bookstore and see if I can get some store credit for it. Anyway Anne of Green Gables and The Grapes of Wrath were bought certainly under the influence of that list of 100 books from yesterday. Also notice yesterday I didn't have Anne of Green Gables down as a book I was interested in reading--since it cost $1.50 and was on the list it was good enough. Also I kind of figure this might be a book my daughter Rose would be reading in a few short years. She loves reading and when the Little House books become her interest this one would probably fit as well.

Well I was also thinking about that list of 100 books. I am not sure who compiled it, I am guessing it was just one person's thoughts. I find it interesting that all--at least I think all--of the Harry Potter books are on the list. While I don't have a lot of interest in them myself, again I think this is something that I might be reading to my kids or with my kids in a few years. I think I would enjoy that as well. I have heard very good things about the books so maybe I should just start reading them anyway. Of course my pile of books to read is already pretty large. I also thought it was interesting after I thought about it that there was no Hemingway on the list. I would certainly put For Whom the Bells Toll on it. The other author I noticed missing was Hawthorne--The Scarlet Letter. Maybe The Last of the Mohicans by Cooper or a book of poetry by Whitman. I am not too surprised Michener didn't make it, I just don't see his name show up on many lists. Of course Centennial and Roots--Haley--were probably bigger mini-series growing up for me than they were books & maybe that influenced this list.

I do think the list was a success for me in that it has been on my mind since I saw it & it will probably influence some of what I read in the coming months. I kind of wonder what my list of 100 books would be, but I think that would have to be another time. I just don't think I want to put my time into that right now. Well all of this talk/typing about books is getting me to want to stop typing and start reading. I should get past 100 pages into Wuthering Heights tonight and will probably put some time into A Day in the Life of Ivan D yet also. I am also kicking around the idea of starting a 3rd book, but I should probably get a little farther on with the 2 before doing that--at least that is what I am telling myself.


~stacey~ said...

Good call on noticing the absence of Hawthorne--The Scarlet Letter is one of my all time favorite reads.
And Roots definitely should have made it on there somewhere as well.
I actually "borrowed" that list from a friend; not sure where she got it, though.
I really need to get back into reading for pleasure again...if I ever find the free time!

Mega Rich said...

Stumbled up on your blog. Myself and a group of bloggers from around the country have a book out. You should check it out. You could even meet a few of the authors in February. for more details and excerpts