Sunday, May 24, 2009

Angels & Demons--#29 finished

The movie just came out but I think I can wait to see it, especially since I haven't seen The DaVinci Code yet either--or read the book yet.  I will probably wait to read the book first with it also.  As for Angels & Demons it was okay.  It was good action eventually and did turn into a pager turner the last 250 or so pages.  I had heard criticism of the writing but that the story was good & interesting & I guess I agree with this.  None of the characters really did it for me, too many things they did that were different or out of character.  The whole plot of the Illuminati and the chasing down the clues and trying to save the day though was fun.  Some of the inner workings of the Vatican and the Papal election were also interesting, but I have to doubts on the authenticity of these details as well.  

An interesting book that should make a good movie.  If someone hasn't read it yet, no reason to really rush out and do so but enjoyable if expectations are tempered if do want to read it.  I have posted it on PBS and I think there are only 2000 or so copies ahead of it, so will probably only move with a deal.  That is okay because I got it from a deal on PBS as well.

Still reading Rules of Deception and will get back into Avenger also.  The problem with those 2 and Angels & Demons is that they are all too similar investigation/action type books, I probably need to find something a little different and start on it also.

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