Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing Much

It has been a few days since I typed anything down so here's a few quick words.  I am tired and kind of bleah.  I am off work tomorrow though, but my wife has volunteered me to help at school for Rose's class field day for a couple of hours in the morning.  I took tomorrow off to get things done around the house since we have a wedding out of town this weekend & won't be able to get to them then.  Oh well, it shouldn't be too bad.  I also want to get in some kind of run tomorrow because I know I won't when we are out of town.

Last Saturday I ran 6 miles and was very happy with the time, I think the slowest mile was 12:15, otherwise the other 5 were under 12 minutes.  Tuesday we did another lunch time run at work, 2.25 miles at just under 11 minute pace.  Since I am doing good on my running, I want to keep it up so running tomorrow really has to happen.

Still working on Angels & Demons and Rules of Deception and added a 3rd book that only read a couple pages so far, Avenger--a Frederick Forsyth book.  Avenger is getting pushed back though.  Actually all 3 are kind of getting pushed back because I am watching more TV lately with baseball on and then DVRing Late Night Poker.  These are cutting into my reading times, that is why the reading is really slowed up these last couple of weeks.

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